In order for a student to qualify for the gifted program, three of the four categories below must be met:

  • Mental Ability - 96th percentile
  • Achievement - 90th percentile on total battery or total math or total reading
  • Creativity - Standardized test-90th percentile total battery or three or more school generated products/performances with a score of 90 or above on a scale of 1-100
  • Motivation - GPA at or above 3.5(on a 4.0 scale) over the previous two years or standardized motivational rating scale with a score of  90 or above on a scale of 1-100

Students in grades K-12 in the Irwin County School District who demonstrate a high degree of intellectual, academic and/or creative ability are provided with special instructional services by the Program for Gifted Students.  Eligibility criteria for placement are determined by the State Board of Education.  Referrals for consideration for eligibility for gifted services may be made by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents or guardians, peers, self and other individuals with knowledge of the student’s abilities.

For a summary of eligibility criteria or for further information about Irwin County’s Program for Gifted students, please contact the gifted education teacher(s) at your child’s school or Dr. Stacie Howard, system Gifted Program Coordinator, at 468-9510.  The Irwin County School System Gifted Manual is also available on the Irwin County School System website.

Toll-Free School Safety Hotline

The 1-877-SAY-STOP toll-free hotline was created by the Georgia Department of Education. Students can anonymously report anyone who has a weapon, has threatened to bring a weapon to school, or has violated any other school safety rules. The hotline hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; after 5 p.m. all calls will be forwarded to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Callers will not be asked to reveal their identities. Make the call; you can make a difference!